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Yavoch! Official Manual and Reference Guide PDF Books

Yavoch! Official Manual and Reference Guide

"Yavoch!" Cried captain Decker. "The game is afoot. The time has come for war." The year is 2319, Earth forces have prepared for battle against the Ainur, a warrior species who control more than a dozen inhabited planets across the galaxy. That's how it all started. We eventually won that war, and this game is the reason we did. We control the Alpha and Beta quadrants, they control the Gamma and Delta quadrants. Between us, asteroids. At our disposal: Teleport Gates, Field Effect bombs, an amazing array of Secret Weapons, portable Energy Units to power our ships and weapons and a Particle Beam Cannon that never misses. All the strategy and tactics of Chess, but much, much more, all on a three dimensional playing field and with a whole new story to back it up. Eight versions of the game included, from the simple Space Cadet version, increasing in complexity through the Full Yavoch and beyond, all the way to Galactic Battle Yavoch! Captain Decker called out: "Attend to formation, activate automatons, prepare our moves. The enemy shall taste defeat today, and it is we who will feed it to them. Yavoch!"

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Frank Sinatra School for the Arts: 0307 PDF Books

Frank Sinatra School for the Arts: 0307

Using the great friendship between Tony Bennett and Frank Sinatra as a starting point, the book explores how architecture can enliven its surroundings: literally performing for the neighborhood and enriching the curriculum for its students. "This is one in a series of books, each of which tells the story of a single building. It is our hope that as these books accumulate alongside our body of work, they, in their aggregate, will form a profile of our design intentions." Acting as a "profile" of a building as well as contributing to the "profile" of Ennead Architects, the books in the Profile Series employ initial program studies, schematic sketches, early two- and three-dimensional study models, construction shots, final photography and a personal statement by the designer to present an intimate, insider's view of the firm's unique approach to every project and to document the creative process. Finished photography combines the precision and technical virtuosity of classic architectural photography with lyrical and personal interpretations of the building, its context, and the people who use it.

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Faerie Frolics PDF Books

Faerie Frolics

Offering more than 26 designs, this follow-up to the popular Faerie Lights presents even more crafty opportunities for creating enchanting faeries. Each design is accompanied by a pattern that can be exported for any craft that requires defined segments to indicate a change of color or texture. Accompanying verses and full-color examples provide inspiration for crafters who find creating their own designs a challenge. These designs are perfect for use with a range of crafts including quilting; applique; machine or hand embroidery; glass, silk, or china painting; and cardmaking or mosaicking.

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